Spring Storm Safety Tips

The U.S. is the most severe weather-prone country on Earth, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Each year, there are approximately 100,000 thunderstorms with 10,000 being severe; 5,000 floods; and 1,000 tornadoes.

Paul Davis Restoration and Remodeling of Tarrant County, leading provider of fire, water and mold damage restoration services for residential and commercial properties, offers the following tips for protecting life and property.

Have a disaster plan and emergency supplies in place. Your "Basic Emergency Kit" should include:

  • Water - one gallon of water per person and pets for a minimum of three days
  • Food - a three-day supply of non-perishable food for adults, children and pets and a can opener
  • Battery-powered or hand crank commercial radio and a NOAA Weather
  • Radio
  • Cell Phone with charger
  • Flashlight
  • First aid kit, non-prescription drugs like pain relievers,
  • prescription medications and supplies
  • Copies of insurance policies, identification and bank account
  • records in waterproof container.
  • Sleeping bags or warm blankets
  • Fire extinguisher

The beginning of spring is also a good time to inspect your property to
check for any damage winter left behind and to prepare for the spring
storm season. Below are some valuable tips for protecting your property
from severe weather.

  • Clear yard of loose articles and debris
  • Trim trees and shrubs
  • Keep lawn furniture, outdoor toys, garbage cans secured or stored
  • Inspect your roof and repair any loose shingles
  • Repair siding, awnings, gutters and downspouts

Source: www.pdrdfw.com.

Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2013. All rights reserved.