Illinois and Wisconsin Real Estate Agent Kathie A - Animal/People lover at heart!

Without question, if you run across a stray, or someone who needs a little love… you may meet up with Kathie A

Someone once called Kathie a ‘people collector’.  She loves to help people - teenagers to the elderly.  She even will help people get on their feet by allowing them to live in her home.  This has helped a handful of people get their lives started in the right direction.  She loves keeping in touch with them and getting updates on their situations.

Kathie has a compassion for people that drives her to be positive, outgoing and personable every day.  She loves working in the real estate business because every client is a different puzzle.  “The pieces will fit together, you just have to find the right match.  You can’t shove a piece in place if it isn’t meant to be there.”

Kathie and her husband Perry moved to a new townhouse after 22 years of living in the same home.  Prior to that they moved 10 times in 10 years.  Their daughter and son are both grown and work and live in the Chicagoland area. They’re happy to have their children living in close proximity to them. 

With over 30 years of real estate experience Kathie has dealt with almost every selling or buying scenario there is.  To her, the most important detail in real estate is the client.  “As a real estate professional, I feel that listening, caring and helping others to achieve their goals is very rewarding. I feel what you give of yourself to others will come back to you. I work hard at understanding, educating and communicating with all my clients.”